If you're single, feng shui your bedroom for partners

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If you're single, feng shui your bedroom for partners

It seems that single people often arrange their bedrooms (unknowingly) to keep their single status in place. If you’re interested in finding a partner, there are things you can do to help that along.

Single ladies
Set your bedroom up for two thereby inviting romance into your life. Do the same things to your bedroom that you would if your were married.
* Put nightstands and lamps on both sides of the.
* Men rarely like accent pillows on the bed. A couple of easy care pillows are all you need.
* Remove dolls and stuffed animal “guardians” from the bed. They symbolically take the place meant for a lover. They also represent unfinished childhood or emotional inaccessibility.
* Remove photos of past loves from your bedroom so as not to intimidate a new love.
* Design an approachable, sensible bed that suggests you are ready to share it. A good way to do this is to use art that shows couples having a good time.
* Group pairs of items in the marriage area of the house.
* Whether married or single, the most important thing you can do is to treat yourself with love and kindness. Create a bedroom that you love, that celebrates the senses.

Single gentlemen
When you walk into a single man’s bedroom you often find an area that looks like a command station—the bed is crowded in among a desk, computer, filing cabinet, television, stereo and exercise equipment. Not too friendly a place for a girlfriend. If you are interested in attracting a new love:
* Let the bed rule your bedroom. Locate all extraneous equipment in another room or screen it from view.
* Decorate the bed with beautiful linens in warm colors.
* Hang beautiful artwork that suggests sensuality, such as rolling hills. Get rid of any unframed posters, magazine centerfolds or art depicting violence.
* Remember the end tables in pairs.
* Get rid of old, worn linens and those that belonged to a past partner. Best to let go of the past if you want to move forward.
Your goal is to make the room warm and inviting—one that you yourself feel comfortable in.
As you can see, feng shui has some good answers to help improve your love life, whether you are male or female. Doing these things will also make your bedroom a more pleasant place to be.



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