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Plants Are Eco Friendly

The benefit of having plants in and around your home cannot be over-stated. With global warming--climate change--a reality, the more plants the better. Inside your home they filter pollution and exchange carbon monoxide for oxygen, allowing you to breathe more easily.

Some of the plants you might consider for inside your home are philodendrons for filtering new carpet gases, spider plants for furniture outgassing, and the corn plant for filtering gasses from household cleaners. Peace lilies filter tobacco smoke and English ivy filter detergents. The added benefit is that they beautify and calm any environment.

Outside plants do the same thing. They filter pollution and add oxygen to the air. In fact, the rainforests of the world provide us with much of the oxygen we breathe. They also provide shade for better sunlight control and they buffer noise. Outdoor plants also beautify the environment and can provide a restful retreat from the outside world.

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